AI, Digital Transformation, and Key Growth Areas in Banking for 2020

The financial industry is being disrupted at an accelerated rate. Don't miss the biggest conversations in banking right now:

  • Will AI-driven technology redefine what it means to be a bank?
  • How will emerging technologies impact the future of banking?
  • How can financial institutions achieve digital transformation?
  • What are the biggest ways to optimize growth for your financial institution in 2020?

If you want to be prepared for 2020 with the latest trends and insights in banking, check out this exclusive and hand-curated list of sessions.

3 Conversation Starters for 2020

Data, AI, and the C-Suite: Powering the Future of Banking

Big tech giants use data to better serve their customers, and the more they serve their customers the more data they get, creating a flywheel effect.

The Illusion of Digital Transformation

Get the playbook for how your financial institution can make the leap to digital. In this session, Jim Marous focuses on the importance of data and pulls from surveys he’s run, showing that consumers want value in return for their data.

Strategic Growth in Digital Banking

When it comes to finding the right approach to banking Liz Wolverton says that “it's critical to move away from tactical into strategic.” Then she adds, “a comprehensive digital strategy embraces broad considerations across three core elements: desirability, feasibility, and viability.”

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