Employee Resource Group

Mission Statement

To encourage, advocate, and educate MX employees on the challenges, initiatives, and stories of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community. We strive to build connections, strengthen relationships, foster allyship, and tear down barriers (real or imagined) that limit acceptance, vulnerability, diversity of thought, honesty, and growth



The term “BIPOC” stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and is used to acknowledge that not all people of color face equal levels of injustice. An expanded definition can be reviewed here.


  • Cultivate an environment within MX’s culture that attracts, retains, and supports the career development of our BIPOC employees.
  • Increase awareness and education of diverse opportunities, cultures, communities, and resources within MX and in our local communities.
  • Build partnerships with local businesses, non-profits, and other resources to serve and support the BIPOC community.
  • Promote events and opportunities for MXers to learn about different cultures and backgrounds, and share their own experiences with others in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Foster allyship by encouraging the use of one’s power or position to support and/or advocate for others with less power or status.
  • Reinforce the importance of BIPOC initiatives at MX and in our local communities by encouraging others to become BIPOC advocates. Simply stated, the BIPOC ERG is NOT a “check the box” initiative for MX; it is an important part of our mission and moral imperative to advance mankind.
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We invite BIPOC employees, families, allies and others to join us in sharing, learning, and supporting inclusive growth at MX.

Key Strategic Initiatives

These initiatives describe HOW we plan to execute on our mission and objectives, in ways that are inline with our core values.

Reviewing MX diversity data points provided by the HR team, to understand where we are, identify gaps, and make plans to close these gaps to reach our ideal future state.

Share information about the BIPOC ERG in every MX job description/posting to reinforce the message that this ERG is an important part of MX corporate culture.

Increase awareness about the BIPOC ERG through #BIPOC Slack posts, swag, event invitations and other established communication channels at MX (video, email, meetings, etc.) to support the continuous growth of the BIPOC ERG.

Create new resources, events, communication channels and content (videos, swag, emails, blogs, etc.) that support and facilitate involvement with BIPOC ERG across MX and within employee’s families and communities.

Core Values:

The values of the BIPOC ERG at MX are founded on MX’s core values of Purposeful Contribution, Foundation of Trust, Objectivity in Discourse, and Cognizance. The BIPOC ERG facilitates employee education, events, and other engagement opportunities by:

Aligning with those that are on a mission to improve the world

Demanding transparency, openness, and trust from ourselves and each other

Using radical honesty to seek to find understanding and common ground

Removing ego, seeking input/feedback, challenging personal assumptions and thinking introspectively to continually improve



Brian Kinion

Executive Sponsor


Dan Herbas



Steven Fogamomi



Bronson Allen



Umesh Kulkarni

Community Outreach


Emily Seare



Ben Schinn



Bret Blackham

Learning and Development


Steve Newell

Recruiting and Retention