Pride ERG

Love on, Live on, Build on

Mission Statement

To drive MX’s core value of Exuberance for Life, we are committed to a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion that welcomes, respects, and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer professionals. We seek to create a safe environment that empowers all LGBTQ+ employees to perform to their fullest potential and contribute to the greater goals of the company in advancing humankind by empowering the world to be financially strong.

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We welcome LGBTQ+ employees, families, allies, and others to join us in being a catalyst for change, understanding, and inclusion within MX.


  • Increase the visibility of openly LGBTQ+ employees at MX, and foster inclusion within the greater MX community
  • Attract, retain, and support the career development of our LGBTQ+ employees
  • Provide a supportive and professional network that promotes mentoring and a sense of community
  • Leverage and increase our visibility as a means of educating our co-workers on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Advocate on diversity issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity within MX and in our local communities
  • Serve as an information resource to executives, management, and employees on LGBTQ+ issues

Pride ERG


Don MacDonald

Executive Sponsor

  • Create the vision, mission funding and strategy for the ERG
  • Be the champion for the ERG across the company

Grey Garbe


  • Lead team to achieve the vision, mission, plan
  • Provide insight and direction on the yearly vision, goals and events

Carly Cowan


  • Partner with the Chair and Exec Sponsor to develop the strategy and plan
  • Drive and coordinate key meetings, team communication, etc

Arenui Anderson


  • Partner with the Chair and Exec Sponsor to develop the strategy and plan
  • Drive and coordinate key meetings, team communication, etc.

Connor White

Community Outreach

  • Develop vision and strategy for meeting team members where they are at
  • Partner with CARE team to identify volunteer opportunities across the US

Andrew Reeser


  • Create an ERG Communication strategy
  • Develop creative ideas to keep members actively informed and engaged

Jameson Brown


  • Partner with CARE team to plan and coordinate and run key events
  • Work behind the scenes to ensure events run smoothly

Cynthia Loveland

Learning and Development

  • Partner with People Development team to identify and create resources for community members and their allies

Tyler Groesbeck

Recruiting and Retention

  • Partner with Recruiting team to support hiring under-represented groups
  • Help organize and represent diversity and inclusion at recruiting events