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Harmonizing the Money Experience

How LendingClub can combine the power of connected and enhanced data to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

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Data Aggregation:
From connectivity to profitability.

Lower your risk and make sure you’re always lending to sound customers with greater connectivity. MX is the largest provider of multi-sourced aggregation software. We integrate with 16,000 financial institutions and fintechs in North America using over 48,000 connections. Our multi-sourced solution reroutes deficient connections, ensuring you always have the most reliable account information on your customers.

Worried about attrition? With MX, you won’t have to be.

Worried about attrition during a migration of accounts to MX? You won’t have to be. Aggregation can be volatile since providers are sometimes out for long periods of time. Re-authentication happens, whether it’s from a service interruption, reset bank credentials, a service migration, etc. It comes with the territory of aggregation. When clients migrate their aggregation to MX, we work closely with them to minimize attrition related to re-authentication through

various offboarding and onboarding workflows. Once users are authenticated through MX, you won’t have to worry about volatility and aggregator outages. Right now, with Plaid, you have no choice but to put up with it. MX can reroute connections that are down, on a platform and user level, ensuring less interruptions, higher connectivity, and longer uptime.

Benefits of multi-sourced aggregation:


We insist on the highest level of security


Our contracts include the ability to add new connections


Unmatched feature selection


We’ll never sell customer data

Data Enhancement:
Well-informed decisions start with better data.

Good enough is not good enough when it comes to your data. Although aggregation is pivotal for success, if your data is unorganized and hard to read, it will only get you so far in understanding your customers’ financial lives.

MX will always provide you with the most up-to-date data from your customers’ primary accounts, giving you the ability to quickly and easily understand their ability to pay. Get complete access to your customers’ cash flow, debts, NSF fees, minimum credit card payments, and more so you can make well-informed decisions about their financial health and borrowing capacity in real time. This will ensure that your customers are financially sound before you extend a loan offer, lowering your risk and improving loan quality.

With automatic categorization powering your data, you’ll be able to provide additional loan offers that are specifically targeted and personalized, increasing revenue and helping you grow faster. And with industry-leading categorization rates of 95%, your organization will gain the actionable insights it needs to better understand, develop, and serve your customers — now and in the future.

How our categorization and cleansing capabilities stack up in the industry:

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Data-Driven Experiences:
Unforgettable experiences built on unrivaled data.

When you combine data aggregation and data enhancement, you create unforgettable customer experiences. What we give you goes far beyond an out-of-the-box solution. We help you bring all your customers' data together in one place and we make it simple to understand, so you can create the right experience at the right time — every time. With connected and enhanced data, you’ll be able to provide your users with rates and loan amounts that are always relevant to their specific needs.

Partnering with MX for Mutual Success.

Our success is measured by your success. That’s why we’ve put together an all-star client success team that will work closely with you every step of the way. We’ll work side by side with you on all your organization’s programs and initiatives. As your needs evolve, our solutions will grow and scale with you, ensuring you’re always a leader in your space. We’ll collaborate on frequent strategic discussions to ensure we’re always on the right track when it comes to tracking and measuring success.

simplify migration with mx

But we don’t stop there. We’ll also accommodate unique and specific client requests by working directly with our product, engineering, sales and VP teams to troubleshoot and solve challenges along the way.

To ensure your success each client will be assigned a delivery team that consists of:

  • Solution Architect
  • Senior Delivery Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Implementation Specialist
  • Integration Engineer
  • Client Marketing Training

MX has a history of helping our clients migrate aggregation vendors and implement digital solutions. Learn more about our migration strategy in this ebook: MX Aggregation Migration ebook

Want to learn more about how MX powers Data Aggregation and Data Enhancement capabilities?

Download our most recent case studies:

MX Is Committed in Our Partnership with LendingClub

We are committed to providing LendingClub a curated best-in-class experience;

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