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One hour, two visionaries, and you

Join the MX Visionaries Forum, an invite-only, digital experience that brings together top visionaries from across the globe to discuss leadership, finance, and everything in between.

Dec 15 12:00 - 1:00 Pm Et

Every noble pursuit starts with a great vision — a vision of a future unlike anything else the world has ever seen before.

The MX Visionaries Forum is bringing together the most forward-looking leaders, in and outside the financial industry, to inspire you to find that visionary spark within yourself so you can take 2021 head on.

Matthew Mcconaughey

American Actor

Catching the Greenlights in Life and Your Career

12:00 - 12:30 PM ET

Join actor, producer and author Matthew McConaughey for an exclusive, invite-only fireside chat. Together, we’ll dive into insights and inspirations from McConaughey’s new book, Greenlights. He’ll share his stories of successes and failures, and the lessons along the way that taught him how to find joy and meaning in his life.

Brandon Dewitt

Co-Founder & CTO

Vision for 2021 and Beyond

12:30 - 1:00 PM ET

As we take a moment to reset from the chaos, it’s time to turn the challenges we currently face into new opportunities for 2021. Join Brandon Dewitt, Co-founder & CTO of MX, as he shares his fascinating journey of how stage 4 cancer ignited his passion to build impactful solutions that move the financial industry forward. He’ll also dive into The Money Experience — a new category that furthers the MX mission of empowering the world to be financially strong. A mission that we can all rally behind and tackle together in 2021.

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