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10 Things You'll Learn at FinovateFall

This is a guest post from @Julie Schicktanz, a researcher and blogger for Finovate. Follow @Finovate for real-time news about FinovateFall 2014.


Finovate began in 2007 and we’ve learned a lot from the past 20 events on 3 continents, like how to provide fast Wi-Fi to a group of 1300 bandwidth-hungry bankers and techies, and that its impossible to predict ahead of time who will take home a Best of Show trophy. We’ve also learned how to keep the temperature cool enough for gentlemen in suits, while not freezing the women wearing dresses, and that back-end APIs can be just as important as front-end UIs.

This year, we're launching our largest show to date. The audience full of high-ranking bank and credit union executives will see 72 new product launches and, more importantly, be able to speak one-on-one with the founders and visionaries. We’ll give you plenty to talk about when you get back to the office.

It’s a lot to take in, so to simplify, we’ve created a distilled list.

10 things you’ll learn at FinovateFall:

  1. What the payments players have to say about Apple Pay (and how many iPhone 6s are on display in the audience)
  2. Why rewards are not dead, and how you should be using them
  3. That your LinkedIn profile blows up with all the contacts you make
  4. Why online security doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think
  5. How to accurately comment on a new innovation in 140 characters or less (and in 7 minutes)   
  6. What to do about your dated mobile and web UI
  7. How to make space for more steamed bass fillet and grilled hanger steak on your plate and still have room for dessert
  8. How the wealth management space has changed… and why there’s no going back
  9. How your small institution can implement a high-end mobile solution on a budget
  10. That you’ll want to come back next year

While there’s no way to fully prepare your brain for the pending onslaught of fintech, you can stay ahead of the curve by checking out the Sneak Peek series and joining the community on the app. We’ll see you at the show!


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