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What People Are Saying About MX


MX works with digital banking providers to enable banks and credit unions to thrive in the digital age. People from a range of companies have taken note of our work, and below we've listed a few of the testimonials we've received.

Note that while most of the testimonials came before our rebrand from MoneyDesktop to MX, we list the current name of the company in the pull quotes below.


MX Testimonial Compilation

Brett King, founder and CEO of Moven
“MX shares our vision and have proven that they will continually push innovation in this space. The MX API enables our customers to get faster access to aggregated account data.”

“MX has become an essential part of our team in delivering our mission to help our customers Live Rich and Spend Smarter.”

Mohammed Khalil, Head of Product Data & Partnerships at Moven
“The breadth and the depth that MX provides really empowers the Moven vision.”


Caroline Philpott, Sr. Director, Product Development at Visa Inc.
“MX passed our tests with flying colors. If anything, we realized that some of our technology standards should probably be updated to match how new theirs was.”

“I use MX’s personal financial management software myself. I’ve tried others in the past and have never stuck with it. The key for me is that I can go in there and in a few minutes see what my finances look like. I don’t have to re-categorize anything myself, I don’t have to dig into complex charts. I can see it right away.”

“MX was the number one candidate by a long shot in all the areas we looked at. It was not a tough choice once we gathered all the information.”

John Schulte, CIO of Mercantile Bank
“We looked at everybody in the industry, we looked at all the different aggregators directly, we looked at all the different providers, and we were blown away by what MX had to offer.”

"Having a very mobile-first philosophy was important to us in capturing a younger audience … MX was our clear-cut first choice."

Grant Parry, CEO of Connect FSS
“MX, in terms of user experience, user interface, product vision, product strategy had a much more compelling vision and execution path [than the competition]. That's a decision we made three or four years ago, and we’ve been very happy ever since."

Randy Wardwell, President, FPS Gold
“MX is at a whole different level with technology, marketing, creativity, and ingenuity."

Sherrie Krizic, SVP Financial Planning at LGFCU, on the integration process
“MX exceeded our expectations … We were very pleased with the timeframe, with what was required, and with how everyone worked so closely together … I can’t speak highly enough about it."

Chris Melendez, VP Strategic Partnerships at Aurora Financial Services
“Everyone knows how great the product is, but not until you get into the inner workings of the company do you see how it really comes from great people.”

James Ladas, Product Leader at BancVue
“MX has the ability to deliver on results and really be cutting edge — both in the products they provide and the way they go about their business.”

On Our FinovateFall 2014 Presentation
“An impressive cross-platform demonstration. ... Works flawlessly across every device conceivable.” - Steven Ramirez, Beyond the Arc

“That’s how a demo is done.” - Bradley Leimer, head of innovation at Santander

“Loud applause went to MX (aka MoneyDesktop) which won a Best of Show from Finovate for its new personal financial management tools that aim to deliver a cross-platform experience with an app that looks similar as users move from device to device. MX also, in a big innovation, gives a credit union the ability to let non-members download and use its branded version of the MX app, thus providing a new member recruitment hook. ... The day’s most compelling offering was MX.” - Robert McGarvey, CUTimes

On Our FinovateSpring 2013 Presentation
“MX puts our clients one step ahead of their competitors.” - Tim Schmidt, Online Project Manager at Automated Systems

“It’s about providing smart data, intelligent data, to the end users — and you guys are there.” - Jim Simpson, CTO at City Bank Texas

“No else is doing what these guys are doing… and that’s what I love about MX.” - Bradley Leimer, Head of Innovation at Santander