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Danielle Stratton

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How to Woo Your Competitors' Wavering Customers

By Danielle Stratton on Apr 22, 2016 3:43:04 PM

Technology affects nearly every aspect of our lives. Almost everyone has shopped online, found entertainment online, even dated online – shouldn’t the banking industry also be digital? As consumers we expect everything to be available digitally, providing on-the-go access to fit our busy lives. This digital shift is pressuring even slower-moving industries like banking to accommodate.

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Why Channel Switching Doesn't Matter Anymore: The Need for Omnichannel in a Multi-Screen World

By Danielle Stratton on Apr 22, 2016 11:40:05 AM

 Customer satisfaction is a drastically different game than it was a few years ago. Today, consumers expect companies we interact with to provide us a consistent, relevant experience when we shop and to remember our preferences.  As consumers ourselves, how many of us have been pestered by retail clerks to open a line of credit with a company every time we shop there? As if being asked more times will cause us to change our minds, when in fact the opposite is probably occurring - the more times we’re asked, the more frustrated we become.

Topics: Marketing
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