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An Elevated Brand

When we first began discussing the idea and concepts behind Money Summit, we knew that we wanted to create something more than a typical "blog." Money Summit was to be a forum where cyclical chatter was rejected in favor of purposeful dialogue — less talk, more action. Really it boiled down to people breaking down the walls of "client" & "vendor," and working together to make interacting with money a better experience for everyone involved.

So, when it came to developing a brand for Money Summit, it was important to me that the brand communicated our "elevated" goals and purpose.

Before I jumped down the branding rabbit hole I sat down and wrote a couple words down on a sticky note, and stuck it to the side of my monitor:




I wanted to keep these words in mind because I feel like in some ways we — speaking of those who work in the financial industry — have a heavy responsibility to make money management better. Let's be clear — this is an audacious task — and it will require boldness by technology companies and banks alike. We'll all have to leave some of the old behind for the new, and adapt to thrive.

This shift towards techno-centric banking, however, must be informed by an authentic understanding of real-world needs. Cutting edge technology, rooted in the human experience.




We started out doodling tons of mountains - but after a while they all started looking the same, and upon googling "mountain logos" I found that ours were not as unique and clever as originally assumed.




I still like these logos. However, I felt like we were just creating cool looking brands, good ideas... but we hadn't hit quite the right note yet. I kept thinking of something I heard Ryan say in the early days at MoneyDesktop.


If you can have a positive effect in someones financial life, it will cause a staggering ripple of change in someone’s life as a whole”"

— Ryan Caldwell, CEO - MoneyDesktop


This shifted my train of thought a bit. I went back and added a few words to my list.... 




Ok, so this may sound like a bit cheesy, but I think of those who participate in Money Summit as the "defenders of fintech," and that's part of the reason why we decided to incorporate a shield into the design.

This brought some new life to the project. I cruised back to the office, cranked A Knights Tale soundtrack and immersed myself in medieval imagery. Royal crests, heraldry rich coat of arms, armor, weapons — you name it. Pretty soon I switched out the music for 1991's "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves"




At this point things started to move pretty quickly creatively. To save you from some of the tedium (but not the random music that pops into my head while working) associated with our particular design process, here is the Reader's Digest version of creating the final logo Money Summit.


Psst... this is a little slideshow.


I'm really proud of our work on the Money Summit logo. I hope that others like it, and that those reading this can pick up their shield and do their part to — defend the financial realm!

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