New updates have been made to the MX connectivity solution. Here’s what you need to know about connecting a Citi account through MX.

Q: What does this new biometrics option entail?

When choosing to link a Citi account to a third-party app, users who have the latest version of the Citi Mobile® app already enabled with biometrics (Touch ID, Face ID, Iris ID) can now use biometrics authentication to seamlessly connect their accounts.

If app users do not want to connect their Citi account using biometrics authentication, they may still connect accounts by manually logging in with their Citi username and password. 


Q: In order for the biometrics feature to work, what must the user have set up?

A: The user must have already downloaded the latest version of the Citi Mobile® app with biometrics enabled. If they do not, they will be directed back to manually enter their credentials.

Q: When directed to the Citi Mobile® app, can the app user sign on with their username and password? 

A: No. If the app user wishes to manually log in instead of using biometrics enabled on the Citi Mobile® app, then they will be redirected back to the login page where they can enter their username and password.

Q: What different biometric methods are supported by device?