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How Contact Centers Can Put the Customer First: An Interview with the VP of Customer Strategy at Invoca

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We talked to Brennie Conkle, VP of Customer Strategy at Invoca, about how to contact centers can use data to put the customer first. You can watch the interview and read the transcript below.


What do you think is the biggest thing financial institutions are overlooking?

I think the biggest thing quite frankly is just putting the customer at the center of everything. Having worked at larger banks and as scale starts to happen, we start to focus on what technologies we need to get. How do we make that work together? And we start to get away from how do we put the customer at the center and make this an experience that works for them.


What does Invoca do for financial institutions?

Invoca is a call intelligence company, and we basically connect phone calls the way that Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics connects your clicks. So once a customer comes to your website and typically they would go through your website and get to an application, it’s the same thing we do.

If they drop off that application and instead make that phone call, we follow that customer through, all the way through that phone call. All the way to completion, so that we can then give you that data.

So not only things like call duration, where that phone call came from (i.e. channel), so was it a paid search click, was it a banner ad, was it an actual search, what page they came from. But also things like what keywords were they using, did they come through a paid search ad and then they were telling you things like “yes, I’m interested in a mortgage, I’m new to the area, I haven’t picked a lender yet, I don’t even have a checking account set up here in the state, I need some help.”

Then you can use that information to help retarget that customer and help to really use that information there’s analytics to really cross-sell that customer in a much more rich way.

It basically uses the same kind of analytic data points that you would use with clicks, and uses the more holistic data points. So it enables you to use that not only for say cross-sell opportunities, but also in your optimization. Most of the time, actually all of the time, unless you’re using a platform like Invoca, you’re missing out on your optimization.

You’re only optimizing for your paid search keywords that you’re getting through clicks, and Google Adwords and Bing and possibly Yahoo. But you’re missing all those rich phone calls, and you’re not able to discern which are quality calls and which are not quality calls for you.


What's an example of when you've seen this work well?

I actually came to Invoca because I used to work at Suntrust, and one of the great things we did I thought we started looking at new vendors for paid search, and they were like what are you doing with all these phone calls? Especially for mortgage.

We had a huge number of phone calls that were driving to mortgage, and we knew they were going to the mortgage, we had unique phone numbers for each landing page, but I didn’t know which were sales, which ones were service.And that was kind of the basic use case. Let’s figure out which ones are sales and which ones are service first, and then once we learned which ones were sales and which ones were service we started to look at which ones are coming from which keywords.

And once we got that, we were like okay which ones are quality calls and which ones aren’t quality calls. And we started looking at just applications, which ones were getting us applications and which ones are not.

Once you can kind of get those metrics and then you look at, do you want to look at booked loans. Which keywords are getting us booked loans? Which are not? Adding that to your mix the same way you would if you were looking at paid clicks coming through your website.

So the same way you want to optimize that, you would want to optimize your phone calls.


What's new for Invoca?

One of the things we are working on right now is refining our signal product and working with automating, everyone is working with artificial intelligence today.

So it’s a big word, and everybody is kind of asking what is that. But we’re using it in a way, especially with financial institutions today to look at a refined set of keywords, say for mortgage and be able to say this indicates a closed loan, and start to really learn about and compound on those keywords that we’re listening for.

Say okay these indicate certain things within a call that this is happening. These are outcomes that are happening. So that’s one of the things that we’re really starting to look more into.

We work with IBM Watson on that to really make sure we are getting those outcomes in more real time back to our customers so they can really understand what’s going on in the call and get those insights back into the tool so that they can then use it for segmentation and personalization in their other marketing tactics.