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Digital Has Changed These 7 Roles in Banking

If you were born before digital banking became a mainstay of the financial services industry, your first banking experience likely occurred inside a branch. Perhaps your parents took you to meet with a customer service representative who helped you set up your account and then gave you a paper ledger to keep track of your expenses.

The upcoming generation will typically have a different first experience with their financial institution. Today’s parents can sign in and set up an account for their kids through digital channels, without ever setting foot inside a branch.

The shift in account holder preferences has forced employees at banks and credit unions to consider how their job roles will change in the future. To understand these changes, we surveyed more than 200 employees at banks and credit unions and asked about their biggest challenges, how their roles have changed, how they measure success, and so on. In our latest ebook we look at the results of the survey as well as research from across the web to present a clear picture of the trends the financial industry can expect to see.


Click here to read the full ebook and see more of the 200+ responses we gathered from 7 different roles in banking.


Source: http://bit.ly/1iS6ZrY 

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