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Essential Fintech Reading April 11-17

BBVA acquires leading user experience firm Spring Studio

The UX acquisition spree continues. Financial Institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with consumer expectations in a digital world and thus relying on outside expertise to bring them up to speed.

BBVA Newsroom says, "The purchase is another step by BBVA to lead digital banking amid the rapidly changing landscape of financial services, marked by new customer demands and the entrance of digital-only players. BBVA believes that design is fundamental to the success of the business, investing to make it a core competency."

Bank Fintech worries are obvious ... solutions are not as clear

Chris Skinner writes a great piece on the situation faced by most digital executives at financial institutions. They are aware of the disruption of digital, but don't always know what to do about it and don't have the buy-in from the c-suite.

He says, "If your CEO is not leading change and articulating a digital vision, then what are they doing?  If they have a team delivering digital change but appear to have delegated their responsibility to be part of that change, thn what are they doing?  If you are seeing inertia and complacency about fintech and digital in your bank, then show them Jamie Dimon’s shareholder letter and scream: WHY?"

To find out more about what other traditional banks, as well as disruptive banks are doing, check out our interviews with them here.

Barclays 'Blue Rewards' push more customers to online and mobile

Barclays sets out to incentive and reward customers for using digital channels.

Catherine McGrath, managing director, personal banking, Barclays says: "The more you bank with us, the more cash you get to use as you choose. With rewards on savings and other Barclays products launching soon, customers can be confident we’ll continue to give their monthly earnings a welcome boost.”

Atom Bank raising £75m before launch

The UK has a new disruptor in town, with the launch coming of mobile only bank Atom Bank. It's looking to get some pretty hefty financial banking and looking to redefine banking in the UK as we know it.

Atom is being launched by Metro Bank co-founder Anthony Thomson and former-First Direct boss Mark Mullen. Check out our interview with Anthony here.