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Essential Fintech Reading: Nov 27 - Dec 4

Digital Disruption Forces Financial Institutions to Rethink Priorities
Jim Marous summarizes the latest results from a Temenos survey that highlights the major concerns bankers have in 2015. According to the survey, bankers have become less focused on regulatory concerns and more focused on meeting changing customer demands. Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Temenos, says, “As the burden of new regulation diminishes, banks are concentrating on readying themselves for a more digital world, characterised by lower customer loyalty and new, multiform competitors."

Alex Jimenez Explores New Products and Payments Full Time
Alex Jimenez, senior vice president and director of digital and payments innovation at Rockland Trust, talks with Karen Epper Hoffman about Rockland's efforts to become an industry leader. He mentions that the competition is heating up (with fintech competitors being thrown in the mix), and he says that it's therefore imperative that banks not simply go along with whatever their core provider advises. Instead, Jimenez says, banks need to actively seek out ways to differentiate themselves.

How To Infuse Banking With Fresh Thinking: An Interview with Lani Hayward of Umpqua Bank We interviewed Lani Hayward EVP of Creative Strategies at Umpqua Bank, to talk about the innovative ways that Umpqua has navigated the shift to the digital age. From making use of a 40-foot dome to simplifying a 147-step loan process, Umpqua is consistently leading the pack when it comes to fresh thinking. In this interview Hayward shows how other financial institutions can replicate Umpqua’s efforts.

Citigroup Proves Banks Can Poach Talent From Silicon Valley
Quartz's Ian Kar reports that Citigroup has hired Carey Kolaja, formerly PayPal's VP of Global Product Solutions, in a move that illustrates the bank's efforts to keep on the forefront of the digital banking revolution.

Top 100 #Fintech Influencers
Jay Palter created an algorithm to measure the biggest influencers in fintech, which was terrific because we found a whole bunch of new people to follow. (You can do the same here.)

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