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Essential Fintech Reading: Oct 28-Nov 4

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Why Giants of Silicon Valley Invested in a Community Bank
Cross River Bank in Teaneck, N.J. is deliberately setting out to be a bank that does the behind-the-scenes work. "I don't care to own the consumer, it's not my endgame," said Gilles Gade, Cross River's CEO. "We just want to be the infrastructure bank, the plumbing." Because of this, Cross River Bank is catching the attention of venture capitalists. 

The fintech startup founded by ex-Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins has already done its first big deal
10X Future Technologies is working with Virgin Money to create a digital banking platform.

Fintech’s Struggling Lenders Want Your Help
New investment funds have started to offer online-loan funds that are open to the public. These funds buy loans for companies such as Lending Club and Prosper. They also tend to be relatively expensive to invest in.

Interview with Ed Maslaveckas of Bud
Ed Maslaveckas, CEO of Bud, wants to build a tech company that essentially serves as the platform layer for financial institutions. They will partner with service providers but they won't need to have a license themselves. In this way, Bud will sort of transcend banking.

Are Banks an Endangered Species?
A survey from Blumberg Capital shows that nearly three out of every five consumers thinks that banks are behind the times when it comes to digital innovation.

Designing a Better Banking Experience
JP Nicols outlines how to improve the user experience at banks and credit unions — and how it extends beyond simple surface-level modifications.