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Fintech5 Podcast, Advanced AI, and Paribus — Essential Fintech Reading: October 8-14


Fintech5 by Sam Maule

Sam Maule's new podcast doesn't technically count as fintech reading, but we'll let it slide. He's developed a snappy format and with names like Hamed Shahbazi, Jesse Podell, Jill Castilla, and Bailey Reutzel, he's off to a fabulous start. Fintech5 is a fabulous addition to the fintech thought leadership scene.


Catching Cybercrooks with AI

Penny Crosman writes about the latest leap in fraud protection: Using advanced AI. The reason advanced AI is so critical is because fraudsters are constantly updating and revising their methods. Only a machine that can learn and anticipate the next move can stop something like that. IBM and MIT are spearheading the drive.


Capital One Acquires Paribus

Adding to their recent acquisition of Level Money and Adaptive Path, Capital One acquired Paribus, a fintech company that tells consumers when stores owe them a rebate. It's clear from these acquisitions that Capital One is serious about their efforts to revamp themselves into a digital banking provider.


The Forgotten Touchpoint in Your Omnichannel Strategy

Amber Tiffany, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca, shares why it's crucial to not overlook phone calls in the drive to create an omnichannel experience. "Traditionally, phone calls may have been dismissed as the call center’s business, but the new omnichannel landscape has actually dragged them back to the forefront of your digital marketing strategy," she writes.


Banks and the FinTech Challenge: How disruption has been a catalyst for collaboration and innovation

Currencycloud released a white paper that analyzes the state of fintech and banking. They cite two graphs from Accenture that indicate what industry leaders are thinking about the topic.