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Required Fintech Reading: Feb 21-27

The fintech scene is so hot, it's boiling
Chris Skinner of the Financial Services Club illustrates how hot fintech is right now. As proof, he shows this image from Venture Scanner.


1,000 companies, $12.7B in funding.

Skinner also references the Silicon Valley Bank report "Investment Trends in Fintech," which shows that the number of fintech exits is on the rise:


Bye bye, bank tellers: Why digital banking is the future
Dave Smith of Business Insider recounts the dramatic shift toward remote deposit capture and how it means that there's far less need for tellers today. Just look at how quickly things have changed since 2007:



Rush to Serve the Underbanked Spurs Innovation
American Banker's Joel Berg draws a connection between recent innovations and the underbanked. He says, "some financial institutions are finding that trying to help the unbanked and underbanked is benefiting their business strategy more broadly, not only by bringing in new customers, but by spurring the development of creative products with appeal beyond their initial target audience."


Fintech News

Google Strikes Mobile Payments Deal With Big Wireless Carriers, Buys Softcard Technology
The big news in fintech this week is that Google bought technology from Softcard and plans to use it to amp up Google Wallet.

Barclays launches Twitter payments service
The large British bank now lets account holders and businesses send payments by linking their Twitter account.


Source: http://bit.ly/17E6s7G