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Required Fintech Reading: Jan 10 - 16

What is 'fintech'?
Chris Skinner of the Financial Services Club gets to bottom of what fintech is all about.

"Fintech is a new market. It is 21st century finance. It is the new form of banking, and is related but very different to the old form. Some of the old form players will metamorphose into these new digital fintech players. Some, not all.  Some of the new players will take over the markets of the old incumbents. Some, not all."


Prep your IT infrastructure for omnichannel expectations
CDW shares their infographic on omnichannel banking.

"Today’s banks and credit unions are taking great strides to ensure that they have the IT infrastructure it takes to rise to the omnichannel challenge. In fact, 57% of bank CIOs plan to increase their digital budgets over the next two years, and many are focused on upgrading their core banking systems to meet complex IT requirements. Check out our latest infographic for even more details..."


3 Reasons Why Your Bank or Credit Union Website's Scrolling Homepage Banners Are An Awful Waste of Space
James Robert Lay of CUGrow talks about why generalized banner ads are ineffective.

"The more we serve ads to members who do not need the products that are being promoted, the more we train them to ignore our marketing messages in the future. Instead of promoting redundant ads for products members already have and don’t need, consider recommending products that would be a good fit for them."


Moven Gives Bank Innovation an Exclusive Look at Its Bet on Wearables
Bank Innovation's Philip Ryan reports on his experience with Moven's latest.

"Bank Innovation got a sneak peak at the newest “watch bank,” developed by Moven, during a recent visit to the startup’s New York offices. And we were impressed."


Citi Futurist Envisions the Part Wearables Will Play in Banking
Penny Crossman interviews Andres Wolberg-Stok on wearables and APIs.

"The API project answers an especially thorny problem for large banks with legacy systems: how to quickly offer innovative apps that work with core systems that in some cases are 20 to 40 years old. The new APIs under development will let new apps easily work with existing code as simply as Lego blocks, Wolberg-Stok says."


Capital One Acquires Budgeting App Level Money
TechCrunch covers Capital One's latest acquisition.

"The app, which is focused on allowing consumers to keep track of their spendable cash and savings, had 700,000 users at the time of the acquisition, and has helped its customers manage over $12 billion in transactions. The startup will now continue on as a part of Capital One, but will remain a standalone application."


Source: http://bit.ly/1yrNsDY