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Required Fintech Reading: Nov 29 - Dec 5

Fintech CEOs' Candid Advice, Bold Predictions for 2015 [Slideshow]
American Banker presents a series of quotes from fintech CEOs. Here's one from Jeff Yabuki of Fiserv:

"One of the things I worry about is that we make banking hard. When you look at technologies like Venmo and Square, they're designed in a way that makes it easy for consumers to do what they want to do. We've all become spoiled by how easy it is to buy from Amazon. And we know we can rationalize amongst ourselves why it's hard — because of [know-your-customer rules] and all the other things we have to deal with in the banking industry. That notwithstanding, we have got to make it easier for millennials and other customers to transact."


Why All Banks Should Pay Attention to the TD-Moven Alliance
American Banker's Mary Wisniewski on how TD's decision signifies continued interest in financial management tools. She quotes Mark Schwanhausser, director of omnichannel financial services at Javelin Strategy & Research:

"It's yet another sign that the financial services industry is waking up to the fact that consumers care about their money and wish they had better tools. This is the antithesis of the stale argument that consumers don't care about personal finance because they don't like budgeting."


The numbers don’t lie – the future of Fintech is now
Lucy England, editor of PaymentEye, talks about the recent surge in the fintech industry.

"Investment in the sector has increased massively over the last five years – from $520 million in 2010 to $2.8 billion so far this year. ... Fintech is coming of age – startups pop up almost daily, with investors happy to foot the bill for the each new company."


Putting The Fizz In Apple Pay
Ron Shevlin of the Aite Group on why it's too early to say Apple Pay is fizzling.

"Apple Pay ... will provide additional convenience to some consumers and may provide other benefits in terms of yet-to-be developed features (for examples, see The Mobile Moments of Opportunity), gives a huge boost to banks (i.e., keeps them in the game), and is promised to benefit all parties in terms of reduced fraud."


Great CIOs Know Innovation Is About Making Banking Better
Kathy Burger, Editorial Director of Bank Systems & Technology,

"Successful innovation isn’t specifically about technology. But because innovation inevitably changes the ways people work, interact, learn, and transact business, it’s unlikely to occur without the very smart application of digital systems and tools."


Source: http://bit.ly/1IactqR