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Why MoneySummit?

Welcome to Money Summit — a hub for all things related to fintech.

Money Summit is sponsored by MX, a provider of data-driven advocacy located in the silicon slopes of Provo, Utah. We’ve followed the fintech conversations for years, and we’re now ready to officially contribute in a big way with Money Summit. Specifically, we’re cultivating a community of passionate technologists, talented designers and forward-thinking marketers — all in the financial sector.

If you follow the same people we do (people like Brett King, Bradley Leimer, Eric Dunstan, Jim Marous, Colin Henderson, Jim Perry, Ron Shevlin, Yann Ranchere, David Gerbino, Mary Wisniewksi, JP Nicols and others), then Money Summit is for you. Please comment and contribute. Write a post. Promote your stuff!

Money Summit is starting strong: Bradley Leimer and Eric Dunstan are live blogging Finovate Spring right here. Check out their posts to keep current with in-the-moment fintech news.

And there’s much more in the pipeline. If you’re interested in fintech, join us. We look forward to elevating the conversation.

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Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fortherock/10258386364