If you've been driving on I-15 you've probably seen that our billboards have a new look. We're proud to announce the arrival of three new billboards that will no doubt grab your attention and encourage you to learn more about MX.

img 33

Located by Salt Lake Community College, this billboard celebrates MX's award-winning bubble budgets. Forrester Research recently identified bubble budgets as a standout in data visualization: “Instead of relying on pie charts, firms that use MX Technologies’ platform can show customers bubble budgets that use color, size, and icons to present data in a way that helps them see at a glance whether they are on track or not, is visually pleasing, and is easy to interact with on a smartphone or tablet.” At MX we believe finances can be simpler, more useful and even enjoyable. 

img 17

Located near MX's office in Lehi, this billboard playfully invokes a classic line from the movie Spinal TapWe’re passionate about what we do and we also like to have fun. 

img 39

Last but not least, we're trying to get Kanye's attention at Point of the Mountain and help him out of debt. In February the famous rapper claimed to be "$53 million in personal debt" and asked Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to "invest $1 billion into Kanye West ideas after realizing he is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time." Zuck may not have been very responsive but MX's debts tool enables customers to manage their aggregated debts from a single place and prioritize which debts to pay off first. We're here to help. If the greatest pain in life is not being able to see yourself perform live, debt has to run a close second.