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MX Widgets — Release Notes — Feb. 2, 2017


  • To delete or to hide — that has been the question for many end users. “What’s the difference between hiding an account and deleting it?” “Why should I choose one over the other?”

    To keep things simple, avoid confusion, and still maintain complete functionality, we’ve opted to keep hide account option and remove the delete account option. There’s some nuance here to help explain the decision: Once the end user aggregates a connection to a financial institution, we’ll keep receiving that data — eve

    n if the user “deleted” one account on that connection. It’s just the nature of the data sent to us. So it makes more sense to hide the account from widget functionality, rather than delete it from the UI entirely. After all, the data is still there regardless.

    As a reminder: Hidden accounts can be found at the bottom of the account list in the Accounts widget, where they’ll be greyed out. They can be unhidden at any time. End users can still delete entire connections using the Manage Connections widget if they so choose.

    This enhancement will be available with the upcoming change to the “account details” view which has been previously announced. Please contact your client success consultant to turn this enhancement on for testing purposes.

  • Imperfect information doesn’t always have to be a barrier to financial advocacy. The more information we can incorporate into an end user’s experience, the better, of course. But sometimes it just isn’t available. Nevertheless, we still want to help.

    Thus, we’ve revamped our debt payment reminders in Notifications. With debt payment reminders turned on, an end user will be notified that they have an upcoming payment even if there is no minimum payment or due date available through aggregation or a client’s data feed. We’ll prompt users to provide a due date and/or minimum payment — but even if they don’t, we will still send a general reminder that the payment is due soon. This applies to both SMS and email notifications.

    This enhancement is currently in production and available for all users.


  • Have you ever driven down a country road that doesn't have any signs for miles at a time? It can be a little confusing: Did I miss my turnoff? Am I still on the right road? We want to make sure end users never have that feeling when connecting their accounts, so we've added a road sign, so to speak.

    A user does not need to keep using the Connect widget for our platform to connect their credentials. In the event that aggregation is taking too long (more than 20 seconds), or a connection is lost, we'll encourage them to either add another account or check back later. The aggregation job will continue in the background.

    This change is currently in production and available for all users.