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Widgets — August 2017 release notes

August 17, 2017



  • We’ve added two tips inside “Manage Goals” to encourage users to add a monthly contribution, and to help educate them on ways to prioritize and interact with their goals.


  • Budgets will no longer crash on certain Android devices.

  • Changes to budget amounts now save properly in IE11.


  • Layout alignment is now better on some Android devices.

  • This widget now displays properly on iPads.

  • The payee field will now display properly when using the arrow keys to navigate through multiple “Transaction Details” windows.

  • The dot indicating that a transaction is unread will now update correctly after reading the transaction.

  • When downloading transactions to a CSV file, the “Description” and “Original Description” fields will once again display the correct information.

  • Tags and memos placed on split transactions will now appear in search results.


  • Searches performed in Transactions will no longer negatively affect which cash events are displayed in Cash Flow.

Net Worth

  • This widget will no longer unnecessarily reload in certain situations.


  • The new Trends widget will be available for clients before September 1. Functionality remains identical, but the widget’s underlying framework has been updated and the styling has been improved.


Master Widget

  • A refreshed and updated Master widget will soon be available. Expected release: early October.

  • “Manage Institutions” will soon be called “Manage Connections” and will have visual and functional enhancements. Among the most important are new error statuses that will be displayed to users. This should make diagnosing a connection problem much easier and more specific. Expected release: early October.

  • Mobile Master Widget We’ve added several FAQs for users who tap on the help icon. This should help users who have questions about things like uncategorized transactions or why some data appears to be missing. Expected release: early October.

  • Net Worth, Goals, and Cash Flow will soon be available in the Mobile Master widget for a limited number of clients. Keep your eye out for an announcement on general availability.


  • Debts will soon have a new feature: The ability to see a table of future monthly payments — including payment snowballing. This should help users stick to the plan they’ve created with Debts. Expected release: early October.