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MX Widgets: Release notes — Oct. 2, 2017

October 2, 2017


  • Clicking the "Resolve" button when encountering connection issues won't improperly take users to the default Connect screen anymore.


  • Creating a sub-budget no longer causes Budgets to freeze.

  • Several bugs that caused sub-budget transactions to display inaccurately have been fixed.

  • Newly-created sub-budgets now display immediately on bubble budgets. There is no need for users to reload the widget.

  • Bubble budget animations are now more smooth.


  • Transaction lists were completely re-written to improve performance and load times. This improvement affects all widgets that contain transaction lists, e.g., Budgets, Spending, Accounts, etc.

  • When users download a CSV file containing their transactions, the data will now indicate whether a transaction is pending or posted.

Upcoming changes

We are still working hard to get out the new and improved versions of Debts and Accounts. Our expected release window has already been pushed back several times, but we want to make sure they're ready.

Expected release: Late October or early November 2017.