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Helios 2.26: Release notes — Oct. 2, 2017

October 2, 2017

What's new:

  • Redesigned Dashboard
  • Improved "Account Details window"
  • Improved Transactions list
  • Improved messaging and flow for WideNet users who sync online banking accounts
  • Enhancements to Popmoney payments

Redesigned Dashboard

The Helios Dashboard has been redesigned to make it even easier for users to navigate.

  • Each panel on the dashboard now has a "view" button at the bottom of the panel. It was previously located on the top right.

  • More accounts are now visible when swiping left on the accounts panel.

  • Spacing and design have been improved for a better scrolling experience.

Account Details

  • Account metadata — such as minimum payments, APY, APR, etc. — will now be exposed to users on the "Account Details" window.

  • All pending transactions will now appear at the top of the transactions list on "Account Details."

Transactions lists

  • Icons now indicate the category of a transaction will. These appear to the left of a transaction. These icons appear on transaction lists throughout the app, e.g., Spending, Budgets, Accounts, etc.


  • Deep linking is now available for the Helios login/credentials screen. That means clients who build a wrapped WebView into Helios can take users directly back to the login/credentials screen if they choose.

  • Deep link URL: helios://navigate?screen=credential_login

  • We've improved the messaging and flow of the process for syncing online banking accounts to WideNet users.

  • This primarily affects clients who have a path to online banking enrollment built into their WideNet implementation.


  • Users can now send money based on an account and routing number. Popmoney transfers were previously limited to SMS and email.

  • Using this feature requires that clients have an implementation that includes money movement features.

  • When receiving a Popmoney transfer, it is now possible for users to choose which account that money is placed into — even if they have not set a default account.

  • Using this feature requires that clients have an MX API connection.