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MX Platform: Preventing Member Duplication — October 3, 2017

October 3, 2017

Release Window:

Phase 1: September 25 – October 7th

Phase 2: October 21st – November 4th

What’s being fixed:

When a connection to a user's financial data is added to the MX platform, it creates what is known as a “member.” This member contains important information like the user’s credentials, their financial institution, the accounts held with that institution, and the transactions associated with those accounts.

Until now, MX has not required these members to be unique. In the past, MX has left the decision on creating duplicate members up to our partners and end users. Between September 25th and October 7th, 2017, MX will disallow creation of duplicate members, and between October 21st and November 4th MX will delete existing duplicate members.

Why are we making this change?

  • To prevent bad habits: duplicate members are generally created unintentionally when trying to troubleshoot or work around an issue. This exacerbates the issue, leading to users being locked out and abandoning MX products.

  • To allow clarity when troubleshooting connectivity issues with a member.

  • To prevent aggregating a member more than needed.

  • To improve the end user experience: we currently allow duplicate members all the way down to the user. This creates account and transaction cleanup work which end-users frequently abandon.

We will be making the change in two phases:

Phase 1: Preventing future duplications

  • MX will be moving up new tracking based on a “fingerprint” of the username tied with a connection.

  • When a new member is created, the fingerprint will be compared with the existing usernames for that connection on that client within the MX platform.

  • An error will be returned if creating a duplicate member is attempted.

Usernames will only be limited after Phase 1 goes live. Duplicate members will still be allowed for usernames that were used before Phase 1.

Phase 2: Duplicate cleanup

  • Partners have until October 21st to clean up any duplicate members in whatever way they see fit.

  • After October 21st, MX will delete any duplicate members, but we will keep the oldest member with a connected status. If the user does not have any members with a connected status, MX will keep the oldest member.


I have questions about creating members. Where can I go to find documentation?

Atrium API Documentation: https://atrium.mx.com/docs

Nexus API Documentation: https://developer.mx.com/guides/nexus/

I read the documentation but need some help. Who can I contact?

If you are using the Atrium API, please reach out to our support team with any questions.

If you are using the Nexus API, please reach out to our integration team with any questions.

How do I troubleshoot an issue if I can’t create more than one member?

Rather than creating a new member, you should update the existing member to troubleshoot connectivity issues.