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MX Widgets — Release notes — Oct. 27, 2017

October 27, 2017


  • Our improved Debts widget is now available for client testing. If you’d like the new widget turned on for certain users, just reach out to a client success consultant to create a list of user GUIDs.
  • Tracking business transactions is now easier than ever. Marking an account as “business” will add the new business tag to every past and future transaction on the account. You can also tag any individual transaction with the business tag. This should make tax season that much easier.
  • We’ve streamlined the process for adding a manual account inside the Connect and Manage Connections widgets, so feel free to start tracking that gold you’ve got stashed away, or those stacks on stacks on stacks.
  • Surely, you do too much clicking already. You can now hit the “Enter” or “Return” key after entering in credentials when adding a new external account. It’s only one less click, but hey, every click counts.


  • We don’t like streaks on the many windows in MX HQ, and we don’t like streaks in our apps either. A little digital Windex and some elbow grease got rid of the streaks that were appearing on bubble budgets in Safari.
  • Every once in a while — not very often, mind you — the Connections widget in certain mobile devices would be incorrectly cropped on the left side. We’ve reduced once in a while to precisely never.
  • We always want to make sure users are given the tips they need to use a button or field correctly, so when a couple tips weren’t showing up, we were simply ashast. Aghast! But our fearless developers jumped in and set things right. All is well.
  • Unlike margaritas, the Goals widget is definitely not better when frozen. So we fixed a bug with the unfortunate effect of freezing the widget. ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, y pa’dentro!