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Helios 2.27 — Release notes — Oct. 27, 2017

October 27, 2017


  • Sometimes our thumbs are dumb. It's not entirely their fault: they evolved to grab stuff, not type on tiny glowing screens. Nevertheless, thumb dumbness often gets in the way of typing a password correctly. Thus, we've added a button that will show any typed password so you can check it for mistakes. The only irony is you'll probably be tapping the 'Show' button with your thumb.
  • Why use such fancy encryption if you're not going to flaunt it a bit? When a connection inside the app is secure, users will now know it. When logging in, capturing a remote deposit, aggregating an external account, paying bills, or transferring money, users will see a message that Helios is using a 'Secured Connection.'
  • We're all about making people financially strong, which often means transferring money between accounts. We've made it easier to plan that out into the future; users will now be able to schedule transfers for a future date or schedule transfers on a recurring basis. They can even set a specific number of transfers or have them recur indefinitely.

    Using this feature requires that clients have an implementation which includes money movement features and an MDX connection.

  • Users should see only the most important information on the Helios Dashboard. In that spirit, closed accounts will no longer be displayed on the Accounts panel on the Dashboard. Users will still be able to see them in the main Accounts window, however, where they will be marked as closed.
  • It’s always best when users connect external accounts, but it’s not the best to add the same external account over and over. Now, when users attempt to connect a duplicate account, we’ll let them know they’ve already got that account connected and ask them if they really want to proceed.


  • One of the few times crashing and burning is cool is at a demolition derby — but definitely not when deep linking into Helios. So, we fixed several bugs that caused deep linking to crash the app, to display the wrong screen, or to not open the app at all. Vroom, vroom.
  • Sometimes the easiest way to recognize a transaction is with a logo. To make sure those are as accurate as possible and users get information at a glance, we fixed a bug that caused split transactions to display the same logo on both splits, another that caused the wrong logo to display, and added a default logo that displays when no merchant logo is available on our Bill Pay feature.