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Helios — Release notes — Dec. 1, 2017

December 1, 2017


  • It’s difficult — nay, impossible — to send a reminder about an upcoming debt payment if you don’t know a few things, like, you know, when it’s actually due. So, in Helios 2.27, we’ve added some messaging in the notification settings panel to indicate when important information is missing, and we’ll prompt end users to provide said information if they try to set up a debt notification. This feature should be available by mid December.

    When the necessary information is available via aggregation or a home institution’s connection, these notifications can still be set up automatically with just a few taps of a finger.


  • There’s a certain irony to a banking app crashing when you’re trying to message a support tech about a problem with your banking app. Despite our appreciation for Greek literary devices, we’re much more interested in handheld devices.

    So we nixed this bug — which affected iOS users on version 2.25 with the LivePerson messaging service. It’s also been addressed in other versions.

  • Android users on version 2.25 were troubled and unhappy to find out that trying to open the app using fingerprint ID service would immediately crash Helios. They’re much happier and a little less troubled now that we’ve fixed the issue in all versions.