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MX Widgets — Release Notes — Jan. 29, 2018

January 29, 2018


  • People don't treat every bank account or credit card the same, and they certainly don't spend the same way on every account — heck, we've got an account specifically for Nerf guns and video games over at MX HQ. Because every account is different, we've refined the Spending widget to add a filter based on accounts. Users will soon have a dropdown menu where they can choose which accounts to display in Spending, just like they can in Transactions. End users who want to see a specific account will be able to do so with just a couple clicks.

This feature will be available in mid-February. Please contact your client success consultant to access this feature for testing purposes prior to its general release.

  • Is perfection the goal, or is it the pursuit that counts? It's a conundrum. Regardless, in our search to answer this philosophical aporia via JavaScript meditation sessions, we've managed to make the account details window inside the Accounts widget a little better. We’ve emphasized recent transactions in the new view because users want to see recent activity first. Don’t worry — past activity will still be available in its own “History” tab that prominently features the bar graph. As a bonus, this change also fixes an issue that caused multiple scroll bars to appear.

These enhancements will be available in mid-February. Please contact your client success consultant to access these enhancements for testing purposes prior to their general release.

  • When you're checking your balance, you don't just want to know what's theoretically in an account — you want to know what's actually available in it. We're now displaying this data on account details window of the Accounts widget for all partners who send us such information.

This enhancement is now available for all users on all clients.

  • As Heraclitus definitely never said, "One cannot step in the same codebase twice." As we updated our widgets to the React framework, certain changes flowed like a river from one spot to another, including changes to our widget postMessages. These changes should not have an impact on existing integrations, but it's worth a trip to our developer portal to see the technical details and determine how they may affect your future development plans.These changes are currently available in our widgets.

  • Four widgets have made such improvements in accessibility that they are now compliant with the WCAG 2.0 A & AA standards: Trends, Spending, Budgets, and Connections. This includes support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, color contrast standards, and more. We'll continue to focus on accessibility in 2018. We'll also note that many features within other widgets are compliant because of our decision to use shared library components in development.


  • On IE 11, scroll bars weren't showing up in the Transactions and Accounts widgets, and when the did show up, they covered dollar amounts in Transactions. Now, they show up and also stay out of the way.

  • There's no reason to see the same information twice. So, we fixed a bug that caused manual accounts to sometimes show up twice on the Accounts list. We've also added an error screen that will help prevent end users from trying to add a duplicate account.

  • A bug caused account names that have been updated by end users to revert to their original names. We fixed this — because we're fixers — but it's worth remembering that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. You know?

  • When you're looking at transactions, presumably seeing the entire dollar amount of the transaction is best. We've fixed a bug that caused larger amounts to truncate in the Transactions list.

  • First-time users are in a special category all their own — we want to make sure they have a great experience. So, when we found a bug that caused the widgets to crash for a small number of first-time users who tried to add an account, we fixed it as quick as possible.

  • Manual accounts were displaying their amounts in U.S. dollars — even for Canadian and French Canadian users who clearly do not live in the U.S. These display correctly now.

End users mean what they say, and we take that seriously. So when transactions from hidden accounts appeared in the Spending widget, we were like, "What are these doing here? The user hid them for a reason! Ack!" And the we fixed this issue so transactions from hidden accounts stay hidden.

We fixed several issues related to split transactions: Some were not deleting properly and/or not updating totals correctly in Spending; also, the "Save Split" button was not displaying correctly on some iOS devices.