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MX Widgets — Release Notes — April 3, 2018

April 3, 2018


  • All clients and partners were migrated from the old Manage Institutions widget to the new, React-based Connections widget on April 1. The vast majority of partners have already made this move. This does not require any action or change on the partner side. This move is is not expected to have any impact on functionality. Please reach out to your client strategy consultant for more information.


  • We’ve refined the way we present due dates in the account details tab on debt accounts. If a client or partner sends us data on the specific date the next payment is due, we’ll show “Next Payment” along with that date. If we only have information on the day of the month that the payment is typically due, we’ll show “Payment due” along with the day, e.g. “6th of every month.”
  • Users can now edit budget amounts on the “Manage Budgets” screen. Previously, editing a budget amount required using the edit feature on an individual bubble budget.


The following bugs have been fixed:

Debts and Goals:

  • The debt payoff modal being truncated on the right side in IE11 within the Goals widget.
  • The zero state for Goals was displaying in cases where there were no savings or debt goals, but there was a retirement goal.
  • In Debts, the interest rate, monthly payment, and payment due date fields would not save end user edits.
  • The “Amount to Save” field in Goals is required, but if end users clicked “Save” without providing a value, no error message was displayed to indicate what the problem was.
  • A bug that caused retirement goals to disappear when non-retirement goals were removed.
  • Certain debt goals failed to display properly when missing an initial amount.
  • Name changes on some goals failed to save properly.

Other widgets:

  • In rare circumstances, categories in Budgets were displayed twice, and subcategories were given their own bubbles on the main screen.
  • In certain cases, the Notifications and settings widget failed to display properly for some partners due to changes related to our migration to the React framework.
  • Trend graphs failed to display properly in some cases when wrapped in a WebView.
  • When using Firefox to download CSV-formatted lists of transactions from the Transactions widget, the resulting file sometimes did not contain all the requested transactions. Better handling of special characters addressed this issue.
  • CSV files downloaded on IE11 contained garbled description information.


  • We ensured that tab order in the Connections widget was correct and that the widget is navigable using the tab button.
  • We ensured that all information on the “Delete Institution” window is readable by a screen reader.
  • We are currently ensuring that the date picker in the Spending widget is navigable and readable by screen readers according to WCAG accessibility standards. This update will be released soon.