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Helios 2.28 — Release Notes — April 3, 2018

April 3, 2018

Helios version 2.28 is now available for upgrade. Please contact your client strategy consultant for more information on updating.


  • Moving money from one place to another is, you know, basically the whole point of banking for most people. So it stands to reason that moving money should also be a core feature of any mobile banking app.

    That’s always been true of Helios, but we’ve made it even better. For Helios 2.28, we’ve added the ability to send money with Zelle, a person-to-person payment system that allows you to send money via SMS, email or an account number. We’ve seamlessly integrated this easy-to-use feature.

    This feature requires the use of an integration API. Helios will continue to support Popmoney as well. Contact your Client Strategy Consultant for more information.


  • You have to send the right signals for people to get the right message — there’s always more to communication than just words. Unfortunately, a bug sent the wrong signal to end users who were trying to add a new account: The “Connect” button would highlight and become clickable, even when no password was provided, implying you could connect the account with incomplete credentials. Rest assured, this is fixed, and we’re sending the right signal now.
  • Though every new device presents its own specific challenges, we always rise to the task. In this case, the several newer devices had layout problems on the locations feature screen which caused the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to be partially obscured, such as the iPhone X and LG G5. These problems have been addressed.
  • When accounts and transactions are being updated, a bar reading “Syncing” typically appears at the bottom of the end user’s screen. However, users were sometimes thrown off by the sync bar while they were using move money features. To address that, the sync bar will no longer appear while viewing move money features.
  • Is that a new notification or an old one? Have I read it before, or is it brand new? It’s an important piece of information and needs to be clear. A bug caused new notifications to display without the blue bar indicating that they have not been viewed. However, notifications are now working as expected.