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MX Widgets — Release Notes — May 1, 2018

May 1, 2018


  • Even regular recurring payments sometimes get a little bit … well, irregular. Perhaps you just can’t afford that Loot Crate this month. Or you actually don’t have to pay utilities because your roommate owes you for constantly raiding your clearly labeled snacks when he thinks you won’t notice?

    Whatever the reason, Cash Flow will soon support skipping payments. This will allow for more accurate tracking and prediction of future balances.

    This enhancement should be available in mid-May.

  • We’re bringing the Budgets widget one step closer to being fully accessible. We’re improving compatibility with the VoiceOver (iOS) and TalkBack (Android) screen reader services, including better handling of headers, hidden elements, state changes, focus, and more.

    These enhancements should be available in mid-May.

  • Have you ever stopped for directions only to be given a confusing jumble of information that’s impossible to understand? And were you then forced to spend a terrifying night taking wrong turns through rural West Virginia while being chased by the giant red-eyed Mothman until you ran out of gas and were sure you’d die but were saved only by the sudden break of glorious dawn? That has definitely never, ever happened to any MX technical writers …
  • The point is, directions are only as good as they are clear, and unclear instructions lead to tricky situations. So we’ve improved the end-user messaging in the Connect widget to improve users’ experiences as they add and aggregate accounts. This should lead both to fewer failures and fewer hauntings.

    This enhancement should be available in mid-May.
  • Email Notifications will soon have a refreshed look, plus some cool new features.

    We always want our products to look new and engaging. Hence, version 3 of our Notifications layout.

    If you are interested in using this enhancement, please reach out to your client strategy consultant.

  • We’ve also introduced a new Notifications type: international transactions.

    The idea is to alert end users about transactions that appear to originate from a location far from where they reside so they can determine whether they are real or possibly fraudulent. Partners will need to send MX data that indicates whether a transaction is or is not international in origin in order to benefit from this feature.

    If you are interested in using this enhancement, please reach out to your client strategy consultant.

  • For partners who also use our Insight & Target analytics tools, we’re also introducing a new messaging feature: email notification campaigns.

    These are messages that will appear just below the main email notification message. They will appear only on notifications sent to a specified set of users within Target. Currently, this campaign will appear on all notifications sent to the targeted users, but messaging based on a specific notification type is in the works.

    If you’re interested in using this feature, please reach out to your client strategy consultant.

  • Last year, we removed the ability to add duplicate members on our platform. We’ve added two new guideposts in Connect to help end users navigate situations revolving around duplicate members.

    First, we’ll now tell users when they’ve already added created a member using the same credentials. We’ll also encourage them to add a different account.

    Second, when a user attempts to connect to a specific institution, we’ll display a list of accounts that are already associated with that institution. This will help to cut down on attempts to try to add duplicate members.

    This enhancement will be available in early May.


  • Budgets should be easy to manage. We’re here to help with both that challenge, so we’ve streamlined the process of calculating and editing budgets.

    Now when users navigate to the “Manage Budgets” feature, they’ll be able to edit budget amounts. Editing an amount was previously only available through bubble budgets.

    In addition, when users take advantage of the “Recalculate Budgets” feature, they’ll now see a preview of the new budgets along with the old amount. They can choose to accept the new budgets or undo the changes.

  • Cash Flow has been improved by the new ability to undo marking something as paid. We all need an eraser from time to time, right?
  • For clients who use a WebView-only implementation of our widgets, we’ve created an alternative to postMessages that relies on a custom URL scheme. This alternative can provide information on when specific widget events occur — such as when an account is created or when a transaction is updated; this allows clients to keep user interfaces aligned and in sync.

    If you are interested in using this enhancement, please reach out to your client strategy consultant.


  • Say goodbye to a completely unnecessary scrollbar that appeared on some limited circumstances inside the Net Worth widget.
  • Say au revoir to a little bug that made it impossible to update minimum payments in Goals and Debts.
  • Say gàobié to the out-of-sync chart and calendar date ranges in Cash Flow. These now align when switching back and forth.
  • Say auf wiedersehen to the accidental ability to submit MFA responses in Connect with empty values.
  • Say agur to situations where Connect would ask for MFA credentials even after they had already been successfully provided.
  • Say wadaeaan to a bug that prevented MFA prompts from displaying properly in Connect.
  • Say pożegnanie to one-time transactions that refuse to save in Cash Flow.