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Helios Mobile Banking— Release Notes — May 10, 2018

May 16, 2018

Both versions 2.28 and 2.29 will be available in quick succession. We recommend updating to version 2.29.


  • It’s now even easier to understand each individual transaction. We’ve improved the layout of our transaction details window, which will now include either the merchant’s logo or a category Icon at the top for quick visual reference and the merchant history icon will be a bit bigger. But all the same important information (like amount, date, category, etc.) will be there.
  • That $443 transaction at an electronics store in Moldova? Yeah, that wasn’t you. Moldova’s great, it’s just that you’ve, you know, never been there.

    We’d like to make end users aware when such a transaction appears so they can check it out and make sure it’s legit. Hence the new international transaction notification. End users can turn on this new notification in settings. It can be delivered in-app, via SMS, or by email.

    Note that partners who wish to make use of this feature must send data indicating whether a transaction is or is not international in origin. Contact your client strategy consultant for more information.

  • We’re all busy. Every tap on that screen counts, and the simpler something is, the more likely we are to use it. That’s why every Helios setting is now in one spot. Simple, indeed.

    Specifically, we’ve moved the organize dashboard and reorder accounts settings into the same place as the rest at Menu → Settings.

  • Where tabs appear in the app, it’s now more clear which tab is active and which is inactive.
  • Animation speeds have been optimized for smoothness.
  • Helios empowers people to take control of their finances, and, of course, that includes visually impaired people. As such, we’ve been charging forward with improving accessibility within Helios.

    The following features are now accessible with iOS Voice Over, Android TalkBack and peripheral devices like keyboard and mouse (though peripherals will require improved visual cues for the selection state):

    • Login screen
    • Dashboard
    • Welcome screen
    • Transactions
    • Transaction Details
    • Account list
    • Transfers


  • When using remote deposit capture, we’ve improved the system that alerts users to blurry pictures.
  • When tapping on a specific month within the Spending panel, a bug caused the previous month’s data to display. This bug has been thoroughly squashed.
  • Speaking of Spending, Helios would sometimes crash when exiting Spending and entering the Dashboard. Now, everything flies high.
  • A minor layout issue was resolved in the Accounts panel on the Dashboard.
  • Roughly a dozen small bugs were causing problems for screen readers on either Android and iOS devices, including phantom edit boxes, incorrect focus, incorrect text being read, inaccessible menus, and more. Needless to say, crushing these bugs has greatly improved Helios accessibility.