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Helios 2.30 — Release Notes — May 31, 2018

May 31, 2018


  • Why do a thing over and over again when you could do it just once? This is perhaps the defining motivation of our time — except among gym members, in whose case doing a thing over and over again is seemingly the point.

    With apologies to the clearly insane members of gyms, we have added the ability to set up automatically recurring payouts with Zelle. End users just set up the amount, the frequency, and the end date. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • The locations feature has been improved with a new animation when sliding left or right.
  • For partners who also use MX’s Target messaging tool, we’ve added the ability for end users to dismiss in-app messages they no longer wish to see.
  • It would be pretty lame if a bartender shut down orders without giving a last call for drinks before kicking everyone out; it would be just as lame if Helios didn’t give you a warning before automatically logging you out.
  • So now it does. At 2 min and 30 seconds of inactivity, end users will get a warning about an impending logout, and the app will automatically log the user out at 3 minutes.


  • In some situations, calendars inside Helios would display an incorrect month in the header.
  • The SMS MFA screen would sometimes become unresponsive.
  • Various accessibility improvements.