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MX Widgets — Release Notes — June 1, 2018

June 1, 2018


Ok. So we already told you about some of this stuff. But it’s really good stuff — some of our favorite stuff, even. Who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite movie again? Who wouldn’t want to hear about awesome new enhancements again?

  • Email Notifications will soon have a refreshed look, plus some cool new features.
  • We’ve also introduced a new Notifications type: international transactions. Partners will need to start passing MX an is_international field in order to take advantage of this new notification type.
  • For partners who also use our Insight & Target analytics tools, we have introduced a new messaging feature for email Notifications: email notification campaigns.
  • This feature is now available in Target.

Alright. Now for the new stuff.

  • We understand that sometimes people just want the raw data so they can use it their own way; that’s why we offer CSV exports of transaction data to end users. We’ve taken this feature up a notch: all pieces of split transactions will now appear in exported transaction data. There’s a banana split joke in here somewhere … or maybe splitting atoms? … something about multiple personalities? … whatever, it’s still a cool enhancement.
  • Partners can now choose to hide “home” accounts from the Connections widget, i.e., accounts managed by the partner rather than the end user. This will be useful for partners who manage these kinds of accounts in a user interface outside of widgets.
  • A few months ago, we released a list view for our Trends widget, and gosh darn it if we just didn’t love it so dang much we had to add it to the mobile version of Trends too. This will improve accessibility for users who depend on mobile screen readers like Android TalkBack and iOS Voiceover.
  • This enhancement should be available for all clients in mid-June.