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MX Widgets — Release Notes — July 13, 2018

July 13, 2018


  • The whole point of data-driven digital money management is to provide useful, actionable, understandable information to people who need it. If you’re giving people something they can’t use, it’s a distraction.

    That’s why we’ve actually pared down a feature that didn’t serve the goal of actionable data. Our Cash Flow feature used to show up to a year of information. Now it shows just a couple months. Why? Because this is the crucial period of time for people trying to plan their finances month-to-month on a limited budget. This is where the actionable data lives and where Cash Flow’s predictions are most meaningful.

    Specifically, you can now see Cash Flow information 30 days into the future and 30 days into the past with the chart view. With the calendar view, you can see the current month, the previous month, and the next month. Our goal is to make the lives of financially struggling people as predictable as possible over this critical time frame, and we’ll keep exploring ways to make this feature better.

    This enhancement is currently in production and available for all partners.

  • You get an account filter! And you get an account filter! Everyone gets an account filter!

    A couple months back, we introduced an account filter into the desktop Spending widget: We’re bringing it to the mobile version of the widget as well. To optimize the mobile experience, we also added an “Apply” button. You can still select any number of accounts to include in or exclude from Spending, but these changes won’t take effect until the “Apply” button is pressed. This change affects both mobile and desktop versions of Spending.

    This change will be available for all partners within the next two weeks.

  • We try our best to aggregate and load data as fast as possible. But alas, some connections just take a long time. When aggregation takes a very long time in Connect, we display a message to users letting them know what’s going on. We’re currently redesigning this page so users have the choice to either wait it out or add another account. We’re also making sure that when a user decides to wait it out, the

    y’ll be informed if the aggregation does eventually complete.

    This change will be available for all partners during the second half of July.

  • The Golden Arches. The Bitten Apple. The Swoosh. Whatever Coke uses for its logo. (Googled it: It’s called Spencerian script. TIL.) All of these logos make their businesses instantly recognizable.

    Transactions We are bringing the recognizability of merchant logos to the Transactions widget to make users’ money management that much easier. Every transaction will have a logo to the left. Where no logo is available, a transaction category icon will be displayed so users can at least have an idea of where that transaction fits into their finances.

    This change will be available for all partners in the first half of August.