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Helios Mobile Banking 2.31 — Release Notes — Aug. 16, 2018

August 16, 2018

Money Management

  • When you have as many features as Helios does, sometimes things can get a little untidy — minor style variations here and there, slightly different language there. So we picked up our brooms and vacuums, broke out the Lysol, and brought everything into line.

    Specifically, we updated a half-dozen modals to bring them in line and improve the layout for messaging end users. These include:

    • Settings — Hide Account
    • Accounts — Hide Account
    • Transactions — Hide Transaction
    • Bill Pay — Delete Payee
    • Transactions — Delete Category
    • Login — Multifactor Authentication UI
  • We improved the size of the text on the terms and conditions window.
  • We also improved the stability and performance of the transactions list.

Money Movement

  • In order to comply with Regulation CC, Helios will now remind end users to properly endorse checks used for remote deposit capture. The message can be configured for a particular financial institution.
  • Speaking of remote deposit capture, we fixed an issue that was causing RDC images to be blurry.
  • We also fixed a bug that occasionally caused Helios to crash when importing contacts into Popmoney. This bug also sometimes caused Helios to show zero contacts available for import.
  • We also improved the stability and performance of the transfers feature.