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Helios Mobile Banking — Release Notes — Sept. 19, 2018

September 19, 2018

Money Management

  • If something goes wrong with an app (heaven forbid!), you don’t want a solution that involves a half dozen taps and swipes. One tap. That’s the standard.

    Hence, we added an easy, one-tap solution for situations where an MFA code needs to be resent. No screen changes, no complicated retries — just tap the new “Resend Code” button.

  • “What the heck is my routing number?” If that is something your end users cry out in exasperated anger during the critical moment when they actually need this number, we can help.

    Partner routing numbers can now be configured to display under the “Help & Legal” section of the main menu.

  • End users can now flag a connection as broken while on the institution details window. This will help clarify support tickets and help MX manage these connections more effectively.
  • When was the last time you deleted something from your phone? Was it broken or just low-quality? Was it unnecessary to have? Was it cluttering things up?

    We have these same questions when someone deletes a connected account from Helios. So now we’re asking users to tell us: after deleting an institution, they can give us a pre-set reason or offer one of their own.

  • As always, we continue to improve accessibility in Helios. The following features are now accessible via screen readers:

    • Calendars
    • LivePerson chat
    • Settings
    • Help
  • Terms and conditions text would sometimes appear smaller than usual.
  • A bug sometimes prevented end users from resolving a conversation in the LivePerson feature.
  • End users were prevented from creating new manual transactions in certain situations.
  • When a user would create a manual transaction in the app they would get an error saying “Oops: An Unknown Error has occurred. Please try again later.” This is fixed.
  • When a user would try to split a transaction they would get an error saying “Failed to Save, Please try again later.” This is fixed.
  • All search input fields were optimized for better performance.
  • The transactions list was optimized for better performance.

Money Movement

  • The Bill Pay feature is now accessible via screen reader.
  • A bug caused an error message to display after creating a contact in Popmoney.