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Atrium API — Release notes — January 8, 2019

January 8, 2019

Merchants and holdings now available

Data is always more than just data. Data is the condition for choice. Data is the prerequisite for usability. Data is the backbone of design. Data is the difference between savings and losses.

We want to get that data to partners and end users in the cleanest, most usable way possible. So we’ve added a few features to the Atrium API that will benefit developers and builders as well as end users.

First, we’re making data about merchants available now. Each transaction now has a merchant_guid field which can be used to look up information about the relevant merchant, including a name, logo, and website. Not every transaction is covered, but we’re constantly adding new merchants to the MX platform.

In addition, we’re now making data related to personal investments available as well. Data about individual holdings are now available, provided end users connect an investment account to the MX platform using the Atrium API.

Documentation on these additions is available at atrium.mx.com.