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DMM Release Notes — January 31, 2019

January 31, 2019


  • You might think we're crazy, that we're lost and foolish leaving the name MoneyDesktop behind.

    But sometimes...sometimes you just have to walk away.

  • While the term 'MoneyDesktop' has been with MX for a long time, it simply no longer describes the software and services we provide. So we're dropping it. For years, we've talked about 'digital money management,' or DMM — a term which encompasses a broad range of software and services in many kinds of environments and platforms. We'll keep using that term to refer to what we once lovingly called 'MoneyDesktop.'
  • Our user guides and technical documentation have already been updated to reflect this change. You'll still see “MoneyDesktop” here and there, where removing the term would cause disruption to partners. But on the whole, you'll see it less and less as time goes on. This change requires no action by partners and will not affect integrations in any way.
  • Nevertheless, the time has come, and so, MoneyDesktop, we must go, though we lose a friend. It's better off to face the facts: When a name holds you ransom, walk away and don't look back.


  • We mentioned in December that we've got a brand new feature ready for partners to test: increased user control over transaction rules.

    We just thought we'd give you a reminder about it. We're initially implementing this feature on a per-client basis, so reach out to your client strategy consultant if you'd like to have it turned on.


  • Inside of the Debts widget, the 'Final Payment' column always set the date to the first of the month. It now simply gives the month of the final payment, for example, 'Feb 2019.'
  • When splitting a transaction within the Accounts widget, the new split would not be immediately shown in the user interface. The UI is now refreshed immediately to show the new split.
  • With a screen reader enabled on either Android or iOS, selecting the filter element in the Spending widget was not possible when swiping the screen. This has been resolved.
  • When using a keyboard to interact with the Edit Budgets and Delete Budget features, it is now possible to exit said windows by pressing the ESC key.
  • Screen readers were skipping over budget amounts when interacting with the Add New Budget feature. This issue is resolved.
  • The button for opening or closing the list view in Budgets did not have a clear name for use with screen readers. It is now called the 'Open/Close Budgets List View Button.'
  • An iOS accessibility focus issue with the Edit Account Details feature was resolved.
  • Information about uncategorized transactions in the Transactions Widget was being skipped by screen readers. This issue has been resolved.
  • When using the ESC key to close the Select A Category window in the Transactions widget, the focus is now automatically placed on the correct element.
  • When using the mass categorization feature, clicking the 'Yes. Apply to all.' button did not actually apply the new recategorization rule to all transactions in certain circumstances.
  • This issue has been resolved.