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Insight & Target — Release Notes — February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019

This release note has been updated to reflect a new date for the release of an enhancement.


  • Sometimes it’s the little things that send you over the edge: Someone going under the speed limit in the fast lane, or popping open a bag of chips only to find they’ve been mostly crushed to smithereens. And of course, the dreaded superfluous mouse click to get the information you want.

    With your sanity in mind, we’ve redesigned Insight to display much more information with far fewer clicks.

    Just click on a binder within Insight and every report will automatically be displayed on a single page. Scroll up and down to check out a chart, download data, see a table, change the date range, see more, or sync a specific chart. No more clicking back and forth.

    Sorry about the slow drivers and crushed chips, though — we’re still working on fixes for those.

    All partners will receive this enhancement automatically on March 4.

The old look.The new look.