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DMM — Release Notes — March 4, 2019

March 4, 2019


  • We’ve mentioned our improved transaction rules feature and user interface in the last several release notes.

    We’d now like to announce that this enhancement will be turned on for all clients on March 13.


  • As part of our update to the transaction rules feature, we’re also improving the mass categorization experience inside the Transactions tool.

    When a user chooses to recategorize a transaction, they’ll be asked whether they’d like to do this for all past and future transactions, e.g., create a new transaction rule. That hasn’t changed, but now the question will be presented in a larger modal rather than the small window on the bottom right.

    Moving to this larger modal will also improve the accessibility of the transaction rule feature.

    This enhancement will be turned on for all clients on March 13 along with the rest of the enhancements to transaction rules.

  • The central purpose of our DMM product is to make scattered and difficult financial data meaningful by presenting it to end users in an easy-to-understand format that can have an immediate impact on their life. Giving them a bunch of notifications that pile up and never go away doesn’t help much, even if those notifications provide actionable information.

    So we’re not letting those notifications pile up any more. Notifications older than 7 days will no longer be displayed in the Notifications tool. In addition, all notifications will be marked as read when an end user opens and then closes the Notifications tool.

    With these changes, end users will always see the most relevant information and will know that each time they get a notification, it matters. This enhancement will not have any effect on which notifications are delivered either in-app, email, push, or text. All the same notifications will be delivered as expected; this only affects how long notifications are displayed inside the Notifications tool.

    This enhancement is currently in production for all clients.



  • VoiceOver and TalkBack will now properly announce the “Filter Account” button.
  • VoiceOver will now properly announce the month currently being displayed when using TAB to navigate.
  • Screen readers will now accurately describe the “Add New Budget” and “Budget Management Menu” buttons.


  • Clicking on the “Create a Goal” button will now always open the “Add a Goal” drawer as expected.


  • Using TAB to navigate now works properly when entering into and exiting out of the “•••” menu on the “Account Details” modal.