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REVISED — I&T — Release Notes — April 4, 2019

April 4, 2019

This release note has been revised to reflect a new release schedule.


  • Sometimes it’s fun to be lost. That’s sort of the point of escape rooms: It’s exhilarating to feel trapped with nothing but your wits to aid you. Sometimes, though, what you really want is a guided tour, someone there to explain everything and make it easy for you to understand what’s happening and why.

    We think Insight & Target should be more like a guided tour that allows you to access the most important data and send the most effective message.

    That’s why we’ve redesigned one of the most important workflows in Target: creating a new campaign. Users will now be guided through five easy-to-understand steps (plus two optional steps). There are clear explanations for the purpose of each step and clear descriptions for each option available. Users will also be able to save their progress and come back to where the left off if work is interrupted.

    These changes will allow users to focus on the message rather than the process.

    This enhancement will be pushed out to all clients on May 13. Early access will be available at client request on May 6. Contact your client strategy consultant for more information.