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Helios 2.42 — Release Notes — May 6, 2019

May 6, 2019

Money management


  • The + was moved by the hamburger menu button.


  • Tapping on an account with a connection error sometimes caused the app to crash.
  • A custom budget bubble was displaying “!name of budget!”

Money movement


  • Quick Save

    Customers can save any amount of money by automatically transferring it between accounts. The financial institution can choose the users who, when Quick Save is enabled, will onboard with a “slide to save” bar or an edit button. On the setup page, users confirm their settings, including choosing which account to transfer money from, and which account to transfer it to ‒ this can be updated anytime.

  • Travel notifications

    Users now have a simple way to add travel information to card managers, so their accounts aren’t frozen while out of town. They can both input and see their destinations, their travel dates, and the card(s) they want to use, along with their contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses. They can edit or cancel the details of notifications or entire notifications.


  • iOS sometimes crashed when remote deposit capture was used with accessibility enabled.
  • After doing transfers, remote deposit capture, or payments, the confirmation buttons were sometimes off center.
  • When the search bar in Zelle was in edit mode, the text wasn’t visible.