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Sherlock API — Release Notes — June 25, 2019

June 25, 2019


It takes two to tango. By which we mean that you can’t just count on having clean data: you also need the right data. It takes both to make something truly amazing.

MX’s Sherlock API has long been the absolute standard in cleaning up messy data through categorization and classification of each processed transaction. Now, we’re providing even more data so partners can build exceptional tools for financial success.

Our categorization endpoint will now return data on merchants and merchant locations, plus a category_guid in addition to the category name that has always been returned.

In addition, we’ve added five new endpoints:

  • List categories, which returns information about the category to which a transaction has been assigned;
  • List merchants, which returns information about all the merchants stored on the MX system, like a logo URL and website;
  • List merchant locations, which returns information about all the locations associated with a particular merchant;
  • Read merchant, which returns information about a specific merchant; and
  • Read merchant location, which returns information about a single location of a merchant.

These enhancements are already available in the API. Complete documentation can be found at developer.mx.com/docs/sherlock.

We’re excited to see what partners build with these new tools.