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MoneyMap release notes — September 13, 2019

September 13, 2019


  • In the mobile transactions widget, users will see their pending transactions and posted transactions clearly separated, with pending on top. Posted transactions are organized by date, in descending order. Sorting different columns in ascending or descending order is no longer supported on mobile.
  • Additionally in the mobile transactions widget, the font size is no longer small, a filter account button has been added, and if a merchant name is long enough to overlap with the money amount, the merchant name will be shortened.
  • In the Connections widget for financial technology companies, the “Go Back” button has been removed, so users will no longer be able to press it and get routed to the Add Account screen. This is configurable for any client.
  • Users who are redirected from a financial institution's website will be presented with an FDIC-compliant alert, telling them of the financial institution’s limited role and responsibility in connection with third-party websites.
  • When logging in, users have the option to show or hide their password. This will help reduce the number of errors because of incorrect passwords.


  • Several accessibility issues have been fixed to be compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines:
  • When adding a new account with the same institution, the voiceover now accurately explains what is happening.
  • When verifying credentials, the voiceover will no longer indicate that there is a button where there isn’t one.
  • When adding an account that has already been added, the voiceover will now say that the account has already been added.