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MoneyMap Release Notes — October 7, 2019

October 7, 2019


  • Customers probably don’t care much about the car loan they paid off last year nor the credit card they canceled, so now they don’t have to see it. Users in the Connections widget can mark external accounts as closed, an option that was previously available only in the Accounts widget.

    This won’t be available on primary accounts — those accounts managed by our partners — but users can mark as closed any external accounts they have added. Doing so will set the account balance to zero while keeping the transaction history.

    This was released to all clients Oct. 1.

  • It’s frustrating to need help and not know where to turn. That’s why customers will now be directed to the correct support team when they run into a problem.

    When users of partners that use MX support encounter an error, a form will pop up that will guide them in sending a message to MX support (if the question has to do with the application) or will ask them to contact the partner (if the issue has to do with account-specific information, like transactions, bill payments, transfers, and so on). This clarification on the support form will help ensure that users are being directed to the right place, so they actually get answers to their questions, making for happier customers (and, let’s be honest, happier support teams).

    Partners that don’t use MX support will see no change.

    This was released to all clients Oct. 1.

  • When trying to sort through accounts from multiple financial institutions, it’s confusing to see checking account, checking account, checking account. Well, be confused no more: When filtering their accounts, users will see the financial institution name and the last four digits of each account number for clarification.

    This will be available to all clients starting Oct. 18.


  • We've resolved a number of accessibility issues including, for example, several issues with the screen reader not reading text correctly, along with other minor issues.