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MoneyMap release notes — November 7, 2019

November 7, 2019


  • The experience around setting goals in MoneyMap has been simplified to make it easier to use, thereby increasing engagement.

    When in Goals, instead of users having to click the “Manage” menu, the “Manage Goals' panel will always be open. If a user sets a goal but has not added any accounts, a prompt will encourage the user to do so. The goals menu is also mobile-responsive, so users can tap “Add a Goal” to open it.

    The Goals widget also now includes dismissible notifications. It’s important to celebrate the little things, and when a user makes progress, they’ll receive an encouraging notification to urge them on.

    Notifications are triggered when the following events occur:

    • User achieves a goal
    • User has made 25% progress toward a goal
    • User has made 50% progress toward a goal
    • User has made 75% progress toward a goal

    These enhancements will be available to all MX partners starting Nov. 30.

  • When diving into the Account Details, you’ll notice a few small changes, including a centered institution logo. The Activity, History, and Details tabs are gone. You’ll still see your activity and now, similar to other widgets, we’ve folded the history bar graph into a new view, which you can access by clicking the graph icon in the top right corner. To edit your account details, click the three dots in the top right corner.

  • This will be available to all MX partners starting Nov. 30.

  • If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no data from the fall to analyze, does it make a sound? Analytics have improved, so partners will see increased accuracy and more specific details in Connect. These changes are coming later in November to Transactions and Accounts. Reach out to your strategy consultant with questions.

  • You should feel comfortable with the products offered to your customers, so rest easy knowing that you can now use MX Bank to test instant account verification. Reach out to your strategy consultant to set up an account that will have the most robust end-to-end IAV testing abilities.


  • We've resolved a few accessibility issues in the Net Worth and Debt widgets.