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Helios 2.46 release notes — February 13, 2020

February 13, 2020


  • Users can ask questions and get fast answers with the help of a new search bar that will appear at the top of the screen when they sign in. This new feature shows users insights generated by the app and also lets them ask questions. It also allows clients to direct users to specific results or features, based on the questions users ask.

    For example, a user could ask “When are my payments due?” and the app would show a ranked list of bills and due dates. If they asked “What is my bank’s routing number?” the app would show that number.

    With an average of 1,100 monthly requests to clients’ call centers because users can’t find a feature or something they’re looking for, this feature will reduce costs — about $5 for every call — as users will not need to contact customer service as often. Users will be able to better understand and act on financial data, thereby increasing their satisfaction with the client.

  • Users can now set financial goals with the help of the Goals feature, available through the app’s main menu, designated with the ☰ character. This will allow users to set short-term and long-term goals related to savings, debt, and retirement. Goals shows users a visualization of their goals in the form of a road, and users can scroll down the road to see how their goals will affect their financial well-being over time.

    When users set a goal, they divert money from an account they choose into the goal. Once they achieve one goal, the completed goal’s contribution is rolled into the next goal.

    Savings goals encourage users to start by building an emergency fund, then to create a savings plan for other goals such as college, a new car, a dream vacation, or anything else.

    After creating an emergency fund, the debt payoff goal encourages users to pay down their debts.

    The retirement goal encourages users to save for retirement.

  • Users can now see their credit score, along with an explanation of it. This feature allows them to opt in to seeing a visualization of their FICO credit score. When users select the credit score panel, they will see a score summary, along with information for each of the categories that affect a FICO credit score:

    • 35% payment history (repayment of past debt);
    • 30% amounts owed (percentage of available credit being used/borrowed);
    • 15% length of credit history (length of time all credit accounts have been open);
    • 10% new credit (frequency one shops for new credit within a specific timeframe);
    • 10% type of credit (combination of credit cards, retail accounts, installment loans, finance company accounts, and mortgage loans).

    Users will also see which of their accounts affect their credit score and be able to read through frequently asked questions.

  • Portrait devices now offer landscape mode.


  • We’ve resolved a few issues in the card manager view.